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Low Fat, Low Carb Protein Drink Mix With No Need For Milk

Herbalife Protein Drink Mix is a great way to boost your protein intake throughout the day. Proteins are the fundamental units of life and are best known as the building blocks of the body. There are so many benefits of proteins for our health. It is based on the research of amazing benefits of proteins that health experts promote as much intake of protein-based foods as possible. It is a fact approved by science that a sufficient amount of proteins in the body can lead to weight loss and muscle formation. Also, proteins help us maintain energy level and stay active for long.

Soy provides a high quality source of protein, a complete protein as packed with a  full spectrum of amino acids.  And is low in saturated fats.

The Herbalife Protein Drink Mix (PDM) is a great and easy way to get that extra protein in your diet without the extra fat. All you do is you take a scoop and you mix it with Formulal 1  in water for a creamy, low fat, low carb, low sugar shake with no need for milk. Tastes great :  ” I really like / borderline love this stuff, it has helped me lose weight and it tastes great! “

Best Sources Of Protein

Here are some simple ways to add more protein to your diet Adding extra protein to your everyday foods is one of the best ways to keep your hunger under control. Best sources of protein which can be added to existing foods include eggs, cottage cheese, milk and soy milk, soy beans, tofu and protein powders.

Benefits of Soybeans

Soy-based products are gaining in popularity – and not just among vegetarians who look to soy products to provide protein in the diet.

The humble soybean boasts some extraordinary nutritional benefits. Soy is the only vegetarian source of complete protein. This means that soy supplies all the essential amino acids – the building blocks that must be supplied by the diet because the body cannot manufacture them. In fact, the quality of soy protein is as good as animal sources of protein such as meat, eggs or milk products.

Protein is vital to life – our bodies require protein to manufacture muscle tissue, hormones, enzymes and other essential materials to keep the body functioning properly. And, adequate dietary protein helps keep hunger at bay.

Like other plant foods, soybeans contain naturally-occurring, beneficial phytonutrients in the form of compounds called isoflavones. Isoflavones are found in other beans, too, but soybeans are the richest source of these substances which can function as antioxidants.

Since animal sources of protein contain cholesterol – and plant foods do not – soy products like soy milk, tofu, tempeh, soybeans (edamame) and soy meat substitutes provide high quality protein without cholesterol.

Isolated soy protein is a high quality protein that is derived from soybeans. All the fat and carbohydrate has been removed from the soybeans, leaving a protein powder that can be incorporated into a variety of foods.

In 1999, the FDA issued a health claim for soy which stated that “25 grams of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease”.

It has been observed that the risk of certain health conditions appears to be lower in countries where soy consumption is relatively high, and scientific research is ongoing to discover more about the health benefits of soy.

While the research continues, we can enjoy one of nature’s healthiest plants that has been a staple in the Chinese diet for over 5,000 years. A food that’s high in protein, cholesterol-free, and antioxidant rich – what more could you ask for?

Susan Bowerman is a consultant to Herbalife.

Herbalife Formula 1 shakes provide high-quality soy protein, healthy carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients to provide the cells of your body what they need for optimum health. You will be able to tell the difference from your usual breakfast after the very first shake.